Will you marry me?

Ah yes… those famous four words that would ultimately start a whole new chapter in your life.

Planning your wedding should be fun and exciting but if you ask most married couples, most would only remember how much stress was involved. As you plan the wedding, it is natural to get caught in the details and forget that it is supposed to be a happy experience. Many couples reach a point where their only focus is just getting the day over with, in effect taking away the glory of their wedding day.

Jovita Lo Weddings is in the business of ensuring that your wedding is perfectly planned out and executed. We know the expected and the unexpected. We get married over and over again!

We have Wonderful Ideas! that we can share with you to create your unique dream wedding.

We can help you Get Great Value for Your Money! Because we’ve dealt with so many wedding vendors, we know who are reliable and who are not. We can immediately advice you what market prices are and what you should be paying. More importantly… we can tell you if you are getting the right value for your money.