7 steps to your amazing wedding

The difference between an average wedding and an amazing wedding lies in your planning. Drawing from the experience of those who are involved in a countless number of weddings, you will discover the process that makes it all seamless and FUN.

1. Research and Planning

It is imperative that together you begin by formulating your grand plan. From the beginning the odds are stacked against you enjoying your wedding. Weddings are one of few events where you are catering for at least three generations, all with different expectations. Weddings are productions and should be planned accordingly.

The first and most important is to search for your venue. Most halls or hotels are booked a year in advance, especially on auspicious dates.

Next, research on your dream wedding and what you would like to have in it. Alternatively, start looking for a wedding planner that you are comfortable with. They can be a big help.

2. Time Out

Whatever you apply yourself to, you are only as strong as your body, mind and spirit allow. Right now, before you get embroiled in your planning, it is important to value yourself and your relationship.

Invest time in YOU and time as a couple that is FREE of ‘wedding planning’.

3. Foundations

By being aware of what you want you will notice so many things around you that you can utilize or draw inspiration from. It will be what you attract into your vision from that point.

4. Further Requirements

As weddings are increasingly becoming more contemporary, so is the number of couples looking for more options. Weddings are merging on the grounds of the Events Industry, meaning that venues and good service providers are booked well in advance. Some venues can be booked almost two years in advance.

It is vital to book everything as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, but it is of greater importance to book service providers that offer what you want and can work to your brief.

5. Legal Requirements

The procedure to get married in Malaysia is quite simple. You have a choice of three (3) different procedures to getting married. All three (3) have the same legal effect.

  • Marriage at the office of the Registrar of Marriages
  • Marriage through a religious ceremony, custom or usage such as a temple or church where the temple/church official is an appointed Assistant Registrar ; or
  • Marriage by special license from the Chief Minister

6. Final Stages

This stage sees all your planning and decisions come together. This is the Masterplan - what you will present to those involved about what will occur on your Wedding Day.

Imagine if you were suddenly taken out of the day, this masterplan would be all the information needed to ensure the day would be exactly as you requested, without any further consultation with you.

This should be your ultimate objective, to enjoy your Wedding Day without being burdened with any questions or confusions that may arise. Whenever a complication arises or someone is unsure of an instruction, most people will automatically look for the bride. This is bound to do wonders for any bridal jitters. However, if you have instructed, delegated and recorded correctly, no one need come to you except to congratulate you or comment on what a relaxed bride you make.

7. Expression

Finally, enjoy what you have created.

You cannot do anything extra at this point, so relax and be a part of the festivities. If letting go and trusting your organizational abilities is hard for you to do, remember that a stressed bride will always photograph as stressed.

Your memories should portray your excitement and joy, not your panic and anxiety. If you are anxious, you will not only deny yourself of wonderful memories, but you will also put others on edge. This will in turn feed your anxieties further. If your forward planning is meticulous, there can be nothing to worry about.

Congratulations! You are going to have an AMAZING wedding!

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