A few words from our clients...

“If you're asking me about satisfaction, I, as a bride, was very 3x satisfied. I would recommend you to everybody that I know about your service. I am a person who hates recommending something to other, scared they might be disappointed. But for Jovita and Jovita Lo Weddings, I would. That is how much I was satisfied with your service.”
Adeline & Alan

“Dear Jovita, We thank u again and again for doing a great job and making such a memorable event a great success. We are very blessed to have you as our wedding planner & it was as such privilege to work with someone who is so professional with the personal touch not losing great style and grace all together. You handled every detail from the time we met you in March 2006 till our wedding day in 03-Dec-2006; and absolutely stress free. Every single detail exceeded our expectations and our guests were very impressed too! We trusted you with our dream wedding and left all matters in your hands and you simply did a brilliant job!!! We could not thank you more and will always remember, not only are you good at your job, you have become a good friend to us, our families and our friends!”
Eileen & Peter

“We decided to choose your organization because of the confidence and advice you gave me when I talked to you during a wedding exhibition. You were helpful, attentive and understood our unique needs for the wedding.We were happy with your ability to be flexible and being able to cater to all our needs even at the very last-minute. We were well-informed about our expectations so we were able to plan our wedding accordingly. Most importantly, you ensured our wedding went on smoothly.”
Kong Meng & Kim-mi

“In preparing for our wedding, we had gone through the process of choosing a wedding planner. We decided to work with you as we found you easy going, honest, professional and services reasonably priced. With our busy work schedules, it would not have been possible to plan for the "perfect" wedding without your help. The weekly brain storming tea sessions we had made us feel more relaxed and opened our minds to new ideas planning for the big day. It was truly a memorable wedding dinner. The comments from the guests were truly positive. This would not have been possible without your dedication, excellent planning and execution of the event”
Elaine & Jew Tung

“Not only we commend Jovita on her commitment, we compliment her ability in understanding our needs, her passion, reliability, helpfulness and most of all dedication. We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the excellent service, and will not hesitate to recommend or engage her services again for any other events in the future. Our wedding celebration was a memorable and successful event and we have only Jovita to thank for. A big THANK YOU Jovita!!”
Eugene & Charmaine

"Hi Jovita, The planning and organization of the wedding was fantastic. From the registration till the day of the wedding, Jovita did a brilliant job. You are very quick, organized and I love your great sense of humour which calmed everyone down. Good job.”
Corinne, The Bridesmaid

“Hello Jovita, Hope you have recovered and rested after the hectic few days of the wedding. I found the wedding to be well planned and executed, with great attention to detail especially with personal touches such as Peter’s & Eileens names on the stage and the colour coding and density of floral tributes. The personalized chocolate’s was a nice touch. It was an interesting event with a mixture of east meets South East Asia culture. A combination of “Yam Seng” & Cheers. Wish you well for all your forthcoming wedding events.”
John O’Brien, The Best Man